Learning Ideas
for Kids

Learning Ideas for Kids

We have recently entered in to kids Edcational indoor games section and cameout with several exciting products such as Educational Beads, Educational Play Blocks, Abacus, Play Money Notes, Basic shapes, 3d Shapes, Alphabets & Numbers, Counters, Coins etc.

Playing Dice

These lovely sets of dices are ideal for playing wide range of dice games, having great properties for table games, D&D, MTG and card Games . Show off your gaming skills with six sided dices.

Counting Blocks

Child can learn Nos. One to Ten and can learn addition and subtraction. Plus and Minus. while playing with these blocks. its Educational, Link together pieces while improving independent play, hand eye coordination, spatial skills & dexterity. Great for sensory development, occupational therapy and autistic individuals. DURABLE Pieces easily snap together and are designed to withstand rough play. Your child can explore their wild imagination with this high quality innovative building set.


Reinvent ancient way of counting with Abacus Kit, Count numbers, add and subtract with colorful beads. Develops logical reasoning and cognitive skills.


SUPPORT EARLY STEM These 9 inches Sq. boards are a great hands-on tool for learning attributes of shapes, spatial relations, patterning and counting

Games Fun to build triangles, squares and pentagons using rubber bands on peg boards. Play math games by using each board as a quadrant and create new shapes and shapes within shapes using rubber bands

Safe Safe, rounded and raised edges keep pegs intact. Designed so that pegs do not easily break like others on the market.

Fun for Early Learners Use geoboards to create shapes to represent fractions or create shapes within shapes. Geoboards are ideal for elementary or preschool children who are just learning math concepts. Great for home or school

Develop Fine Motor: Help kids continue to develop hand-eye coordination by placing rubberbands onto geoboards

Educational Clocks

Specially designed for learning & Development. The hands of the clock can be manually rotated to change the time. Improves Eye-hand Co-ordination and encourages children to understand the concept of time. Add this clock to your kid's games collection. to let them learn time telling in fun and enjoyment way.

Kids can learn to see the time, concept of hours, minutes and seconds through these educational clock .

Magic Token/Counters

These two sided counters are a great learning resource for any classroom or home. Easily teach probability, ultiplication, addition, subtraction, division and fractions. Stack counters high to teach spatial reasoning or sort them after a flip to show probability.

Colour Counters

Colour counters in 5 different colours, Red, Green, Blue, Yellow and Orange to teach basic math concepts of counting, sorting and number sense.

Kids Playing Cards

The original magic number cards. Ask the subject to think of a number from 1 to 100. Show them the cards one by one, and ask "Is your number on this card?" Whenever the subject says "Yes", note the first number on the card - either 1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32 or 64.

Hex - O - Fix Block

Used to develop counting sortieing sequences, graphing, basic mathematics operation, connectable at six sides and rotate to develop spacial and awareness, creativity, problem solving and fine motor skills, Unique connection design that is guaranteed not to wear or loosen with constant use.

3D Shapes

Education in mini Geometric solids Explore geometry, volume, and other measurement concepts with these multicoloured 3-D shapes fashioned in bright, bold colors. Round, Cube, Cylinder, Cone, Sphere, Hemisphere, Square & Tri angul a r Py ramids, Rec tangul a r, Hexagonal Set of 10.

2D Shapes

A great range of 2D shape recognition learning resources and materials. Includes tangrams, attribute blocks and pattern blocks as well as comprehensive kits featuring everything you need to support early two-dimensional shape learning activities. This useful pack consists of 50 cut-out 2D shapes, one pack of 2D shape dice, 10 double sided polypropylene work cards and five 2D shape stencils. This set is a great education tool to helpeducate your students about 2D shapes.The set includes 10 double sided activity cards each with a different lesson on each card. Perfect for ages 5 – 8 Years.

Interlocking Eva Mat

Baijnath interlocking Eva Mat is versatile, durable and super safe. It can be used both indoors and outdoors. It is light in weight, easy to carry, stack and store. It is thick enough to absorb the impact of a fall on the hard surface. Made from soft EVA foam to create a safe environment when children are at play. Light Weight, Durable, easy to store and maintain. The Ultimate Play Mat is easy to install as it is to be interlocked like a jig-saw puzzle, which the kids will enjoy doing it themselves. The mats are water resistant.

Educational Lace & Beads

The wooden beads can be threaded randomly, by color and shape or alphabetical order and numbers

For education: It is suitable for kids' early education, help them to distinguish color, numbers,

Material: Made of high quality wood, it is safe and comfortable

Perfect gift: The beads will be perfect gifts for little boys and girls as birthday gift or

Dummy Currency & Coins

Sand & Water Play

Bring seaside fun to your garden with the Sand and Water Play Table. This colourful play table comes with all the accessories liƩle ones need for sandcastle fun. Just add play sand (sold separately) to create a beach of your own.Use the shovel to scoop sand into the bucket and build your own kingdom of sandcastles. Create seaside shapes using the moulds, and trace out sand designs with the rake. Or fill the compartment with water and make a splash, pouring water from the bucket and moulds in your own backyard water fight.Sand and water play is great for sensory and tacƟle development, providing children with new textures to explore. Whether your child is a prince building a kingdom full of water ways, a pirate hunƟng for her treasure or simply imagining a family trip to the beach, the Sand and Water Play Table is sure to encourage creaƟvity and role play fun.The Sand and Water Play Table has a one-piece hardcover that fits over the top the table. With the cover on, the table becomes the perfect surface for your child’s activities, from arts and crafts to homework.Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, the Sand and Water Play Table holds a maximum weight of 25kg.

Nursery Kids Furnitures

  • 1. One piece, fully injecƟon moulded heavy duty polypropylene chair
  • 2. Durable and safety.
  • 3. All weather construcƟon for indoor and outdoor use.
  • 4. Safe and enviorment pretecƟong material
  • 5. light and stackable to save space.
  • 6. Color: red, green, blue, yellow or others available
  • 7. Longer use life Ɵme than normal material
  • 8. Ergonomic design.
  • 9. With CE approved.