Different Types of
Sports Surfaces /

Different Types of Sports Surfaces / Tiles

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Astro Turf or Artificial Grass Carpet / Mat for Sports

Its Stronger, Colour Fade Resistant, Long lasting, Pet and Child Friendly, Decorative look, Low Maintenance Cost. Size of the carpet is 6.5 feet x 2 feet. (78 inches x 24 inches). It can be used as a Small Carpet or runner beside your bed. 50mm Thickness of the carpet with density of 17000 stitches/m2. Grass color is bright and natural with high biofidelity, comparable to natural grass Imported high quality additives, excellent performance of anti-UV, anti-aging. Beware of Spurious sellers selling Low quality grass.

Synthetic Rubber Running Track

Modified PU Mixed EPDM Granules Running Track is made of PU, SBR, EPDM granules, including paint, additive, anti-oxygen additive and etc. The surface of running track, which is made by EPDM rubber granule or PU granule is effective to reduce resistance during the race and improve sports achievements. The running track is available to be in red, green blue or customized. 13mm in the competition area and 9mm in the non- competition area. For adding thickness area, it is 20-25mm. Running tracks are recognized as the best all-weather sports ground material in the world. We can supply the professional and all-around service for you from material to installing technique and technician to installing machines.

Multipurpose Sports Tiles

Product Detail

30.48cmx30.48cm x 1.22 cm
Futsal Court, Hockey, Basketball, Volleyball Gym, Multipurpose Court.
8 Years

Track for Training

Main Features

  • 1. Resilient surface for high impact sports
  • 2. Extreme durability and consistent performance for life of court
  • 3. Anti Slip Surface
  • 4. Special design for water drainage
  • 5. Easy to install(no adhesive required.
  • 6. Easy to maintenance
  • 7. Special manufacturing process reduces smell
  • 8. Non Fading


  • 1. Shock absorption
  • 2. Slip Resistance
  • 3. Anti Bacterial


  • Futsal court Hockey, Gymnassium Multipurpose Court, Basketball, Volleyball, Handball


  • High grade climate resistance polypropylene.

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Podar International School

After establishing expertise in stadium seating systems we have entered into sports complex projects where different kind of artificial sports surfaces are required. Recently we have completed the sports complex project for Podar International School in Santacruz - Mumbai.

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